Achieving happiness as a business owner

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.'” – Albert Schweitzer

Every one has different reasons for going into business, maybe for increased financial opportunities or achieving a long held personal ambition, but whatever the initial reason for taking the plunge, the most important factor is that you are happy as a business owner.

Here are a few tricks and techniques that can ensure owning your own company remains a source of happiness for years to come.Enthusiasm is key

Hold on to the first flush of enthusiasm and excitement you had when starting your business, as your firm and your responsibilities grow. There was a reason why you decided to go solo, so take a trip back in time and measure how much you are satisfying your working requirements.

Although most people use financial figures as a measure of success, enjoying the work you do determines your happiness even more. You are allowed to be proud of the business you have created.The most important business is your business

Remember the only thing you have control over is the work you are doing yourself and if it’s to the best of your ability that is all that matters.

Naturally there will be many other businesses in your field of expertise but that is actually an advantage; look at what your competitors are doing or, more importantly, not doing to get ahead in the market.Get involved in networking

Find a good
networking group or a few fellow entrepreneurs that you can meet with to compare business strategies. Ask your staff to get involved in any business decisions you feel you need help with; this will build rapport and remind you that you have people to rely on.

Being your own boss doesn’t mean you don’t have the time to connect with other people; there is no reason why being in business should be a lonely place.Allocate resources effectively

Give yourself the licence to say ‘no’ as scheduling enough time and resources is vital to carrying out a good job, without stressing out yourself and your workers.

Ensure you are clear when setting customer expectations of how long a job will actually take, as overstretching yourself, your team and your resources isn’t always an effective strategy.Embrace spontaneity

Understanding that there will always be unknown things that turn up gives you the chance to concentrate on dealing with them rather than beating yourself up for the fact that they happened at all!Happiness starts from within

Begin by finding a positive in every situation and before long you’ll find it becomes a habit and those annoying issues will turn into opportunities.

If you are faced with a problem, ask yourself whether it will still be a problem in a month or a year? If not it isn’t a problem, just a task you need to complete.

Give yourself time to sit and reflect upon where you’ve come from and what you have achieved.

Not only will this give you a boost in terms of what you have achieved, it will show you that you can overcome any problems that may be thrown at you.Find time for you

Unplug from the grid, turn your phone off and go to the gym, for a walk or sit and read a book. Find something that you enjoy doing that will give you a chance to unwind and de stress.

As much as we love working for ourselves and on our own terms, we have to remember there is a life outside the office as well!