What is the one question you would ask me about managing your business more effectively without losing control?

Attend one of my webinars on a screen near you and get YOUR answer in person


CEO, MD, owners or business leaders that want to take back control, learn how to work smarter and delegate/ outsource.

This empowers the business leader to understand a specialist area to improve their strategic planning and enable the desired growth of the business

Contact me now to find out when future sessions are planned  julia@leaskas.co.uk


The 7 Ways to Grow Your Business

I’ll cover the seven key areas in a business that can be influenced and the strategies that can be adopted to achieve growth.

10 Hats Seminar

Fixing your organisation structure could be the breakthrough you need to free up time to grow your business

Cashflow Management

Making great business profit is one thing. It’s not much comfort if your bank account doesn’t reflect your profits.


Building a better Business

Learn the strategies you can implement in your business to reach its true potential and achieve the 3 freedoms (Time, Money and Mind)

Ebooks and Checklists


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