Offer more added value services by working with strategic partners

The Allen Group Community
This group was created to continually add value to members and their clients by using the full power and skill of the group working together

The network is led by a team of professional advisers from a broad spectrum of industries. This includes tax, law, media, on-line marketing and accountancy. The skillset represented includes a varied range of sales and marketing professionals, administration staff and qualified accountants, tax advisers and lawyers.

TAG Accountants is part of this wider business networking and services group dedicated to improving member’s profits through employee benefits and traditional non aggressive tax planning opportunities.

Some of our benefits are: –
•Income and profit producing opportunities for you and your clients

•Access to the client tax library in the member’s private website area

•Tax support line for members

•Tax support for your clients to help you punch above your weight

•Automatic and free membership of the Planet Business Club

•Access to the employee benefits portal through our regulated on line partner

If you want to learn more please contact me