What could your business do with extra time and cash in your business bank account at the end of the month?

CEO, MD, owners or business leaders that want to take back control, learn how to work smarter and delegate/ outsource.

This empowers the business leader to understand a specialist area to improve their strategic planning and enable the desired growth of the business

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The 7 Ways to Grow Your Business

I’ll cover the seven key areas in a business that can be influenced and the strategies that can be adopted to achieve growth.

The benefits of attending:

·      Look at your business like you never have before & be challenged to adapt

·      Understand the seven ways to grow your business (& how they apply to you)
·      Learn how to set a roadmap and dashboard for your business
·      Discover how to measure and maximise business efficiency
·      Learn how the seven ways impact your profit and cashflow


Understand the mindset change required to succeed in a changing business landscape.

  • Not on track to achieve your desired financial results this year?
  • Want to increase your profit and improve cashflow?
  • Looking to improve margins and want business growth?

10 Hats Seminar

Fixing your organisation structure could be the breakthrough you need to free up time to grow your business

The benefits of attending:

·      Learn how you can free up your time and achieve better leverage - without blowing yourself apart  

·      Learn the 10 Hats and why every business has them

 ·     Understand which hats you’re wearing effectively  

·      Implement strategies so your entire team works smarter, not harder

·      Learn the function, responsibility and performance expectation of each hat


Understand how you can improve your organisation structure and take back control of your business

  • Do you find yourself spread too thin in your business?
  • Does your business have a clearly defined structure?
  • Do you have job descriptions for every role?

Cash flow Management

Making great business profit is one thing. It’s not much comfort if your bank account doesn’t reflect your profits.

The benefits of attending:

·      Learn the difference between profit and cash surplus in your business  

·      Learn how the working capital cycle works

·      Establish your Cash Conversion Cycle

·      Identify the causes of poor cashflow

·      Understand the process changes that improve your cashflow


Learn how to improve your business’s cash flow

  • Ever wondered why your bank account does not reflect your profit?
  • Don’t understand your Cash Conversion Cycle?
  • Want to have better cashflow this year?

Building a better Business

Learn the strategies you can implement in your business to reach its true potential and achieve the 3 freedoms (Time, Money and Mind)

The benefits of attending:

·     Understand the 10 steps to reach your business’s full potential

·     Gain clarity on where you can add value to your business

·     Learn best practice and practical ways to take each step

·     Define the first three actions you’ll take

Learn how to be a better leader and create a strong workplace culture


Discover how you can unleash your business’s full potential

  •   Do you know exactly what you want from your business?
  •  Do you understand where your business is at now (warts and all)?
  •  Is your business reaching its true potential?

Lost in the numbers & need a Financial SatNav

I've written a workbook that you can use as a living document to record in one place the specific numbers and data that are important to your business. When you establish what you want to achieve then call me in to be the Financial SatNav to guide you towards your goal. Start understanding what numbers are important to you. Order your workbook below.

Order your copy, only £10 (plus P&P)


"I’ve read all of it - in one sitting. It’s excellent. Great content, clearly laid out, good design,does what it says on the tin. Many congratulations." - Peter Thomson (The UK's Most Prolific Information Product Creator)

"A very helpful workbook which I think is fantastic!! Great tips and will mention it on LinkedIn" - Abbi (Amoreantos)

"I found the workbook a very useful tool to check that I was doing all the things I needed to do on a regular basis and also that I could follow my financial SatNav easily. I recommend the book to others who perhaps have not even gone on this journey." - Avril James (Ask Avril)

Do you want to increase both prices and profits?
Do you want to increase both prices and profits?

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Great, not long now and the numbers will start to make sense

This is for you if you want more control of the cash flowing through your business
This is for you if you want more control of the cash flowing through your business


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