Reduce your employment status risk by using a bespoke contract protected self-employed structure

Wolfe Contract ServicesTheir entire business is built around :-
saving YOU time, do you really want ALL the extra admin that quarterly reporting causes?
saving YOU money, can you afford the BIG HMRC fines if your returns are wrong?
removing potential risk to YOUR business, hand over the worry.

Are you a contractor within the CIS industry?
Do you have subcontractors to manage?
Are your many self-employed workers causing you concerned about their employment status?
Is your company wanting to minimise expensive administration and save more costs?
Then Wolfe Contract Services is the perfect answer.

They engage with individuals directly saving you the worry, time and hassle that could come with employment related issues. They become a subcontractor/supplier to yourselves via one contract, then individually engage via contract to all the individuals involved. This will be either on an employed or self-employed basis depending on their working requirements and capabilities.

They protect your business by ensuring that they have a fully compliant contract of service in place which is fee protected in the event HMRC decide to challenge the arrangement. Their partner who are a leading experts in advising and defending companies with continuous HMRC disputes such as employment status, MSC legislation, IR35 and agency legislation. They will defend a HMRC challenge though the courts if required up until first tier tribunal.

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