What are your plans for the next 12 months?

Happy New Year, let’s make 2018 the best year ever!

Is your team working towards KPIs with access to real-time information for decision making and ongoing control? Do you need growth funding or to manage your cash flow?

Think of a budget like your printed roadmap telling you how to get from A-B and your forecast as your sat-nav which reacts instantly to known and unknown events along the way.

What you don’t want at the start of the year is a history lesson on what happened in the past few months. I prefer to help you look up and drive you and your business forward towards success. That’s why as a Fellow of CIMA (Management Accountant) and a Certified Business Advisor with Futrli you get the best mix of professional expertise, experience and know how. Your business deserves the most advanced financial planning platform to help you control cash flow and accelerate growth.

I’m not right for everyone but if we don’t meet you will never know how I could help you achieve your goals both personal (work/life balance) and business (sales, profit, market share).

Contact me to arrange to meet over coffee/tea so we can discuss how I can help: Email julia@leaskas.co.uk