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''I would recommend Julia to any other small business looking to move their business forward''...Kevin Nairne (Kelcies Horse Treats)

''Julia was key into taking my business to the next level.... Gurpal Virdee (Gym Chef)

"I would love to work with Julia again!.... Julia is very responsive ....." Richard Alm  CEO  (Sluta Gräv/ Stop-Digging)

“Julia gave us peace-of-mind....” George Scholes   MD (Translyft Lifting Technology)

“What Julia does is different.....” Debbie Davies  Strategic Partner (Auditel)

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Here's what my clients have to say:

My name is Kevin Nairne, the owner, and CEO of Kelcie's Horse Treats. Julia made contact with me via Linkedin a few months ago. The documentation/newsletters Julia produces are professional and packed full of useful information which is helpful to my business. Following our first phone call, Julia we set up a zoom meeting to go through my business in detail. Julia recommended areas of my business where she can help and offer support & services. We will formalize our partnership in the next few weeks and I look forward to seeing the positive impact Julia will have. From my initial experience, it is all positive and I would recommend Julia to any other small business looking to move their business forward. 

 - Kevin Nairne (Kelcies Horse Treats)

"From our initial meeting I knew Julia would be key into taking my business to the next level. I was in a place where I desperately needed key intelligence within the sector to help me build my business. 

Julia’s vast experience helped me take control of my finances and immediately made me feel like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. That piece of mind is invaluable. Also her help with pointing me in the right directions for to gain further key expert advice from specific segments of business like the Aston growth program was the reassurance I needed to remind myself - I can do this."

- Gurpal Virdee, Director, The Gym Chef Food Company

I would love to work with Julia again!

StopDigging Ltd was in a financial and structural mess due to previous management in the company where costs were too high, high debt and reporting was not existing. Julia was hired in mid-2018 by me, new CEO of the mother company, based in Sweden, of StopDigging Ltd at the time I took over management. Recruiting Julia to manage all financial, administration and structural changes of StopDigging Ltd was an absolutely crucial action. Together we have managed a turn around of the financials of the company and Julia had full commitment and creative ownership of the topics. Doing the turn around without the support from Julia wouldn't be possible. Now when we will run the rapidly expanding business in UK directly from Sweden due to structural changes in the group we are no longer in need of the service from Julia.
I would to give my highest recommendation to anyone that need financial support in UK to cooperate with Julia. Especially those with headoffice / main business in other countries and need a UK person in place.
I would love to work with Julia again!
Richard Alm
CEO of Sluta Gräv AB 

Julia Leask of Leask Accountancy Solutions has supported us through a difficult few months of transition during the restructuring of the business 

Stop Digging Ltd is owned by the Swedish parent company Sluta Gräv AB and in March 2018 there was a need to change ownership (Sluta Gräv took over 100% of the shares). It was necessary during this period to replace the Managing Director twice.  Julia re-joined as financial support based in UK during this turbulent time.

 Julia had been the financial support to the original MD and acted professionally when he was removed at the end of March. The second MD (appointed in March and then resigned a few months later) had his own accounting function within his own business and Julia handed over all necessary work and information in a very professional manner.

Julia was and still is the main reason why the transfer back from the 2nd MD went smoothly. She has taken care of all legal and financial matters regarding Stop Digging Ltd. In my role as CEO of Sluta Gräv, based in Sweden, it is of outmost importance to have a person like Julia as a support and as a sounding board. She works very effectively with my team in Sweden and was key to correcting the UK stock records to tie in with the actual stock counts after several relocations.

During the past few months she has supported us she has, in addition to the above, managed to updated Companies Houses, set up a new virtual office, made the arrangements for new postal and registered business addresses, supported in the financial clarifications  with Stop Digging bank (Handelsbanken), corrected the late VAT return, proposal of debt collector to solve some unpaid invoices, liaised with former MD company to collect all required documents and data. Reviewed all mail and handling regarding that included bank cheques from customers as well as maintaining business system Xero (this included updating the financial system for the period it had not been maintained). The reviewing and correcting of information from the period when the former MD should have managed the business are other topics she has handled.

She has a very responsive approach to urgent requests and the introduction to potential new customers are “icing on the cake” to the many skills and benefits of having Julia working with us.

I am very happy to have Julia in my team in UK and would have no hesitation to give my personal recommendation and testimonial to anyone in a need of a remote professional financial support based in UK. 

Richard Alm

CEO of Sluta Gräv AB and Managing Director of Stop Digging Ltd

What Julia does is different. Most accountants show you where you have been. Whereas she uses that same information to help you see where you are going and how to get there. What risks to be aware of and what things to do to achieve your goals. 

Debbie Davies


Julia gave us peace-of-mind regarding our overdraft facility. Her engagement was good: several visits, regular email and telephone contact. I would recommend her for high level management information and professional ability. 

George Scholes

Managing Director Translyft Lifting Technology

"In preparation for Making Tax Digital we, at TAGTax Limited, wanted to make sure we were embracing the digital era and taking advantage of the ability to streamline our records across the business, which is a benefit of Xero. We wanted to leave behind the frustrations of stand alone systems and tap into the ability to forecast cash flow in real time, use direct bank feeds for reconciliations, submit VAT returns directly and have the ability to manage our business at any time, in any place from anywhere.

Julia was very efficient in working remotely with the team to ensure that on boarding to Xero was successfully achieved, she was always at the end of the phone or email in response to all of our queries.  Our external bookkeeper was effectively trained in using Xero, so much so that we have taken her on full time.  Some of the successes of this ledger conversion have included the simplification of our invoicing process and we can now see a snapshot of the business’s activity daily from the Dashboard which helps to support our decision making. We are very happy with the results and would recommend Julia and give her a testimonial to help other businesses to convert to Xero."

Mark Allen FCMA CGMA MIMC, Director, TAGTax

"All looks good now since I have been working with Julia and her wider network over the past few months. We have a much better idea of what the financial situation is and what needs to happen.

We have an experienced bookkeeping service to deal with day to day finance duties and successful credit control activity to bring in overdue revenue. My team have been challenged about their spending and providing supporting documents to assist in VAT Return submissions. Our ledger is now restructured and tidied to automate, share data and stop duplication of effort 

Regular reporting and forecasting helped the decision making process when we needed to secure alternate ways of financing to help cash flow."

Phil Hynes, Director - HeadTech Solutions

"When we started StopDigging Limited we always had the intention of outsourcing our accounting to free up our time to grow the business. We set out our needs with Leask Accountancy Solutions, and Julia Leask came across as knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy. Operating a cloud-based system (Xero) was ideal - we need to be predominately mobile and 80% of the business is Swedish owned, so access from anywhere was a necessity. Julia set up the system and operations and provides ongoing training and support.

Julia has often demonstrated a desire to go "above and beyond" on behalf of our business. Linking with the Chamber of Commerce, potential funding opportunities and giving guidance on suppliers through her network - printers and vehicle leasing partners, for example.

It is still early days for Stop Digging Limited, but it is clear that Julia shares our enthusiasm and desire to grow our company. I would not hesitate in recommending Julia Leask to other business proprietors. "

- Darryl Gregory, Director, Stop Digging
"5 Years ago Ark Farm was a hobby, sales soared each year. Despite our hard work profits were below our expectations. We needed sound financial advice (straight talking at times) to turn the business round. The aim was to be seen by potential investors as a genuine prospect. Via our Growth Voucher we asked Julia to review Ark Farm and make suggestions to plan for our success. We now have a better insight and understanding of current and forecasted finances, she provided us with a detailed report with a range of recommendations, (from basic processes to specific strategic changes). Her approach is patient and understanding, e.g.waiting for responses during our busiest months. We can recommend Julia to coach businesses to achieve their goals."

- Fraser Bairstow, Director, Ark Farm
"MPD Ltd is the commercial trading arm of NTC, specialising in management training. Owing to the complications involved in creating the structure of the MPD, the Board and I found Julia to be exemplary in her professional approach in coaching and assisting us. We continue to rely on her to the point of attending the MPD Board meetings where she presents and gives clear and concise guidance. MPD is still in the process of growing and her input has been significant to our success. Communication is very important to us and we have found Julia very quick to respond to queries and problems. She works very well with the whole team. I am pleased to fully recommend Julia Leask – a professional who plainly knows her business."

- Robert White, Chairman at Midlands Training & Development Ltd
"I first met Julia and Leask Accountancy Solutions, at a local exhibition where we had a stand next to each other. Julia made an impression of being a very knowledgeable and approachable person, with knowledge of the further education sector. The following year due to an expansion and the setup of Midlands Professional Development Ltd, we needed to appoint an accountancy organisation. Julia was our first port of call. She has been very thorough and responsive throughout. We would have no hesitation in recommending her services. Alongside this Julia is also approved with Midlands Professional Development as a trainer to support the Chartered Management Institute finance units within the professional qualifications."

- Clare McKenzie, Associate Director at Midlands Training & Development Ltd

I met Julia at a networking affair and was very sceptical due to the confidentiality linked with money matters. All my concerns have now gone since we included Julia into our team, who has become very proactive on our behalf, we now get day to day information, advice and reminders of bill paying, also we pay as we go and that helps our cash flow. She has become a very important link in our team.

Richard Sheerman, Director, ColourCraftCov Ltd

"Over the past 2 years Julia has been monitoring our Management Information. After she highlighted a down turn in our profits we decided to stop offering traditional printing which is very labour intensive with poor profit margins. The sale of the old printing press has boosted our cashflow enabling us to develop our digital print and T-shirt printing businesses. With this change in production a new digital printer was needed, Julia was instrumental in providing the comprehensive Management Information to support the required financing. Julia has often questioned our expenditure and challenged our usual way of working. As we do not need the large premises that we use we are in the process of selling it to move to a smaller unit. This will reduce our monthly outgoings and also enable us to relocate to an area where we will have more walk in business. Julia has regularly introduced us to local advisers, e.g. Phil Peak from the Coventry the Clearing House. After meeting up with Richard Warren from the Chamber of Commerce we have obtained a Marketing Growth Voucher and are currently working on our strategic business plan. Additionally, after finding out about the Coventry and Warwickshire Incubation Programme we have accessed some free training to further develop our social media and digital marketing skills. In short, Julia has not only provided the essential all round accounting knowledge and experience that we needed but she has also been able to apply her commercial acumen to our specific needs. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to other businesses. "

Chris Pearson, Director, ColourCraftCov Ltd

"Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, On Time. Julia did an excellent job in a short time frame."

- John Booth MBCS, Carbon3IT Ltd
"Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity. Julia is entirely professional in her work, swift and efficient, timely in submissions and always goes the extra mile with her advice and assistance."

- Rachel Booth, Carbon3IT Ltd
"I have recently engaged Leask Accountancy solutions and my only regret is not doing this a long time ago. Julia has a highly professional and ethical attitude to her work and my business. She demonstrates a clear understanding of how businesses work which is more than just adding up figures or making the bank account balance. Julia uses the information from the figures to inform her suggestions in relation to growing a business, very refreshing. In the short time we have worked together Julia has made suggestions which go beyond accounting, supported me personally in understanding the accounts and responded confidently to any requests, queries or concerns I may have had about my business and my accounts. I would have no hesitation in recommending Leask Accountancy Solutions as a highly competent professional service."

- Miriam Bannon, All About People Ltd
"Julia of Leask Accountancy Solutions has provided invaluable advice and guidance as to how to structure our business and help in identifying our profitable products and services. By following her advice we have also been able to reduce our tax liability for the previous tax year. All in all great support and understanding of our niche business."

- Damien Isaak, PetsGo
"Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity. Julia goes beyond what you would expect from an accountant. She brought all of her previous and extensive corporate experience to help me think about how to structure my accounts in a way that enables me to think strategically about my business and financial performance. In addition, Julia's attention to detail ensures that nothing is missed and her integrity is second to none. As a result of the work Julia has done, I have complete confidence in my financial compliance."

- Jude Jennison, Leaders by Nature Ltd.

"Julia has been for me since setting up my own business a mine of information. Totally reliable and always at the end of the telephone to answer any queries I have had. Extremely supportive of me and my business and has introduced me to some amazing people that I am now working with."

Jo Crick, Crick's Homemade Preserves


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