Why I want to tailor my solutions to your needs

I am sure that you will agree that as a business your are unique and so it follows that you should be able to expect your suppliers to understand how and why you are different.
As an outsourced solution I want to provide you and your staff with the specific services and coaching/training that meets your requirements. That is to say you will not get an off the shelf package from me. I want to become one of your trusted advisers and so think that it is important to listen to your thoughts, ideas and needs before I try to propose anything. My proposal presentation can be written, verbal or visual depending on what you prefer.

As an acknowledged expert in my profession I have developed a few select strategic partnerships so that you can be assured that as a one stop shop I will manage the services provided by my trusted partners. The following table illustrates how I review your situation. It could be that we need to include all or a few of the elements detailed. It is not an exhausted list and so we will review what GOOD look like for you and address your challenges and opportunities together. This way you will easily see the value in the work we do together.

Packages and Services Available

Find the hidden savings (unearth your buried treasure)

R&D Tax Credits review

Embedded Capital Allowances review

Monthly review of overhead costs

Systems implementation (automate and share as much data as possible)

Set up Cloud based accounting software

On going support with software

Keeping you legal (ensure HMRC and Companies House are happy)

Preparation and submission of Company Annual Accounts to Companies House

Preparation and submission of returns to Companies House – Confirmation Statement (Annual Return) and People with Significant Control

Register to act as your Agent for businesses with HMRC (Corporation Tax)

Preparation and submission of Corporation Tax Return (including supporting Annual Accounts)

Preparation and submission of Sole Trader

Preparation and submission of 1 Personal Tax Return

Empowers decision making (measure, track and action the right things for your business, goals and vision)

Prepare Management Accounts with forecasts and commentary to explain trends

Produce cash flow statements to support strategic planning

Set up graphs to visually report on KPIs and specific trends

Produce regular product range profitability analysis to check pricing is right

Draw up what if scenarios to detail the finances for product development or relocation

Monthly commercial review and planning meeting