7 Reasons why your food & beverage business is leaking cash

Learn today how to confidently control your cash and business.

Learn how to confidently control cash in your food and beverage business

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Making more money will not solve your problems if you have bad cashflow

You didn’t go into business to do numbers. I’m sure you had a passion to provide the best F&B product and to deliver Michelin Star quality service. But financials cause a lot of the frustration and challenges in your business, and that’s especially true as lockdown has affected everyone in one way or another. Having enough profit and enough cash to meet payroll at the end of the month, and to be able to support your own lifestyle needs, can become difficult. In the past, you’ve probably looked to your accountant for help, but you’re likely to have found that help to be limited.


Whilst there are a small number of businesses that make extremely good profits, grow to having hundreds of people working for them, and then sell for multi-million-pound figures, the reality is that most businesses stay under fifty people and just scrape together enough to make a living.


There are all sorts of issues that can affect the cashflow of a business, but experience has taught me that there are seven key reasons that commonly arise.


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