What People Say about LeaskAS, Accountant Warwick

"Julia is very responsive ....." Richard Alm  CEO  (Sluta Gräv/ Stop-Digging)

“Julia gave us peace-of-mind....” George Scholes   MD (Translyft Lifting Technology)

“What Julia does is different.....” Debbie Davies  Strategic Partner (Auditel)

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Great, not long now and the numbers will start to make sense


As a Management Accountant Warwick I offer the service of helping clients create and update their own business plans I maintain my own plan and through the process have established my own core values. My Core Values guide my behaviour and I expect my team and clients to respect and live into our Core Values:






Living and being your true self. The integrity of the true meaning of me.

Using the business information available and translating it into digestable data and details

Being truthful with self and with others.

Clients know that we will work in and for their best interest.


Setting the rules of the game - not compromising on who we are. Being the best version of ourself, as we do that best.

Finding the hidden cash in the business. 

Even though it may be unpalatable for the business owner we have to speak honestly about all areas of the business.

 The information remains confidential. Recommendation of other professionals based on knowing that the professional will also serve the client extreemly well.


Crystal clear as to the benefits everyone will achieve in working together.-

People are empowered to make informed decisions for their business and personal life.-

Better control and clarity for where to go and what to do. Creates choices and options.-

Peace of mind and mutual respect.

GETTING PAID to protect your cashflow

You Tube video link  Click here. The Institution of Structural Engineers asked me to present a BiteSize video to explain how business owners can preserve their cash flow during the current COVID 19 climate

Dealing with cashflow problems

Most business owners immediately think of the bank or loans when they’re short of money. But there are many more resources you can tap before you ask for that expensive overdraft or for an overdraft extension. You can often free up funds from within your business by re-examining your business systems, and these funds might in themselves be sufficient for your immediate needs.

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Message Sent.


 Marcelle Batson-Warner,  "I know I maybe not your target client at this time, but there are a lot of Private Service Companies PSC's out there like mine that are being impacted by what is going on at the moment. I appreciate you giving me your time on Friday and want to give you the following feedback that you can use for marketing purposes.  As a PSC I am not one of Julia's typical prospective clients. Never the less Julia listened to my situation relating to business interruption caused by COVID-19 and offered me guidance to improve my cashflow based on the latest government updates for business support. I found this both reassuring and helpful. Thanks again. "

Siobhan Harper-Nunes, "....thank you for linking me up with Julia. She's amazing - hopefully my new best friend."

You must take steps NOW to start preparing for the new NORMAL

Your Business Recovery Plan

As restrictions ease and businesses emerge from hibernation we remain in a state of ‘Business Unusual’. So, how do we find a new, sustainable normal? Read the blog

Are you missing out on cash and funding? Walk this way

Business Continuity Plan - Outline and Benefits  - Why we developed this service. Click here for more detail


"I’ve read all of it - in one sitting. It’s excellent. Great content, clearly laid out, good design,does what it says on the tin. Many congratulations." -Peter Thomson (The UK's Most Prolific Information Product Creator)

"I found the workbook a very useful tool to check that I was doing all the things I needed to do on a regular basis I recommend the book." - Avril James (Ask Avril)

"Julia's book ‘This provides a good set of insightful questions for small and medium sized businesses to consider in order to get the most from their numbers. With inbuilt space for making notes and recording information it encourages business owners to take a serious look at how they use their numbers and highlights why working with Julia would help them grow their business’" - Gill Smith (The Business Kitchen)

Hi, I'm Julia, an award winning Accountant Warwick - Virtual FD, Cashflow expert and Business Coach

So What's In It For You?

When I first meet with SME CEO, MD or business owner, they are often: 

  • Concerned about sales, profits and expenditure
  • Worried about cashflow situation and lack of business plan
  • Frustrated as have no clear data to work from 

You are far from alone with these concerns. In all of these cases, a clear view of your key business data along with some sound financial advice helps you rest easier at night. 

If you want to start Planning Your Success in 2020 and beyond start here

Stand out from the crowd - learn how by attending one of my events


"Fantastic session with Julia at NatWest Business in Birmingham 26th April all about the basics of cash flow. I really need to pin down those figures on production costs and get a SMART strategy in place for Amoreantos. Julia explained cash flow as a tank of water with liquid poured in and a tap at the bottom letting it out. Nice analogy and I couldn't help suggesting that it could have been fun to make it a wine box too." Abbi Head

If you want to start Planning Your Success for 2021 and beyond start here and contact me to find out when my next workshop near you are scheduled

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