Hi, I'm Julia, a Warwick Business Accountant

SMEs in the UK West Midlands and East Midlands areas have commented that I not only bring expertise in managing and coaching a business on strategic management of their finances and cash flow, but also an enthusiasm that comes with treating the business as if it were my own.

I am creative and positive, whilst still being practical and down to earth, and willing to go the extra mile. Your business will be consistently supported both on site and remotely in realising its true potential.

When I first meet with SME CEO, MD or business owner, they are often:

  • Concerned about sales, profits and expenditure
  • Worried about cash flow situation
  • Frustrated by a lack of clear data to work from

You are far from alone with these concerns. In all of these cases, a clear view of your key business data along with some sound financial advice helps you rest easier at night.

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Decision making

You need information at your fingertips so you can make real time decisions without delay. Great companies succeed by reading the market and anticipating trends.

Cash flow

Most profitable businesses fail due to cash flow problems. Your cash flow is the life blood of your business - it is vital to its survival!

Getting ready for finance

When planning to ask someone else to invest in your business, ensure that you have prepared thoroughly and identified the hook, your market, your compelling story - and how much you want.

Management information

How well do you know your business? Using a reporting tool you can see your business position with confidence, knowing that both actual performance and what-if scenarios have all been explored.
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